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Yet another AWS Blog.

Find out how to govern and scale your AWS business today.

Being part of a community is no one-way drive...

With this website I am doing my best to share my expertise and contribute to the AWS community. I´ve learned so much from peers - now it is my time to give something back!

AWS Governance

Even small sized companies  can benefit from governance best practices. Get familiar with control tower and account orchestration. 

Programming with Python

Pragmatic coding skills are essential for the success of your own serveless projects. Learn how to bring you coding expertise to the next level

AWS DevOps

Never trust humans in your deployment process. A proper CICD setup will help you to make less errors and speed up your deployment frequency.

Reference Architectures

I love to build serverless applications. Feel free to explore my solution designs. Feedback is welcome!

Robert de Meyer
About me


I am Robert de Meyer and a passionate AWS Architect. My expertise is all around governance, networking, DevOps and architecture (serverless and software).
I hold a master's degree in IT Security and have 10+ years of practical experience within different areas of Information Technology. In my career, I have worked as a programmer, software tester, network engineer and AWS Architect.
Recently I am focusing on building a solid AWS Governance for mid-sized enterprises.  

In my private life, I am a loving father of two boys. Next to my passion for technical topics I am trying to practise the piano and go out to do various sports (boulder, swimming, canyoning, kayak). I am part of the austrian water rescue team.

My swiss-knife

You do not need to pay for quality. Inherit the basics and growth is guaranteed.

Are You Ready to Start?

Enough of the boring introductions and figures - let´s get right into the topic. I wish you can find what you are searching for. Please leave a comment and give me some thumbs up if you like what you´re reading.

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